Life after the Answer’s Goat Milk Fast

Levi Head

12/28/2014  Blog Post #11

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (12 days)
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (14 days)
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

                  Total of 56 days.

  • November 9th through the present– raw food diet with Answers Goat milk supplemental dose daily

Levi and I hope that everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends. We wanted to take the time to give a short update on how he is doing after his milk fast. He now is back on his raw food diet eating a half pound of raw in the morning and a half pound in the evening. He also gets about 8 – 10 ounces of goat milk each morning added to his raw breakfast. We have switched to purchasing the half gallon containers of the milk since they are more economical versus the pint size containers. We were paying $5.99 for each pint size container and we can purchase the half gallon containers for $13.99 each. They come in cases of 10 containers. We order by the case so our local pet store is not stuck trying to sell the other containers. Each case is $139.90. I do not measure the milk, just pour freely. Each half gallon has 64 ounces and that lasts about 6 or 7 days depending on how freely I pour. It was expensive to take Levi through the fast but now that he is on a maintenance dose it is less costly than any prescription medicine I have used in the past to attempt to suppress allergic reactions.

Levi to date is remaining symptom free. His shedding is still at a normal level, his paws are not yeasty and yucky looking and he has remained free of ear infections. It was an investment to do this fast, both financial and time wise, but it has proved worthwhile. We both prefer the milk to allergy shots, Atopica and all the other meds he has taken in the past.

I still make sure to give him a bath every 10 to 12 days at minimum to help wash off any allergens he may pick up in his environment. Now we have switched from a prescription shampoo from the vet- which has been for years a requirement to keep allergy symptoms at a minimum- to Earthbath Green Tea shampoo. It is nice to know I do not have to load his system with chemicals from a medicated shampoo anymore. The Earthbath is all natural and has become one of my favorite products.

Levi and I are ready to start the new year with a new attitude and allergy free. If your pet is suffering from allergies I urge you to give this a try. Levi and I are both glad we did. Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Levi Esther & I

The Finish Line!

11/8/2014 Blog Post #10

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (12 days)
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (14 days)
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

Total of 56 days.

I remember the first time I ran a 5k. Now, let me first say I am no longer a runner. I have gotten a little lazy in my middle age. But I remember the excitement I had after signing up. And the excitement I had while preparing the race. I was all fired up and I spent all my energy getting ready. Then on race day that same excitement continued until about mid way through when the day was hotter than I expected and the route had more hills than expected. The feeling of wanting to just quit took over and I wondered why I was even doing it in the first place. But some how I muddled through and when I reached the finish line a feeling of accomplishment overcame me. I would say that this is a lot like doing this diet. It is expensive, and for Levi it gave him “pudding poop,” and the frequent urination is a lot a work. This diet is not for every pet owner. Definitely not for the lazy pet owner. You have to be committed to making your dog better. Here we are though, at the finish line, and I would say it was all worth while!

As mentioned in earlier posts Levi’s shedding was extreme before this diet. Today he is like a normal dog. I would have done this diet if the only benefit was solving that issue. He is no longer on any medication other than his anxiety meds; no allergy shots and no antihistamines. His coat is shiny and glossy and he looks fabulous. I would definitely say this experiment was a success.

I will look back on this for years and laugh. Why you ask? Oh times like when Levi is all fired up on a chilly morning and shoots back into the house after a potty break with a little orange milk curd hanging from bum. Instead of walking over to the kitchen counter and letting me get out an Earthbath green tea wipe to clean his bum he decides to run and jump on the couch and run from end to end and slings that little milk curd on the back of the couch. It looked a lot like a long Crayola orange crayon shaving. Thank God I have a leather couch and it was easily cleaned off with a Clorox wipe. It was not the most fun experience at the moment but looking back on it I laugh.

Starting tomorrow I will start to transition Levi back to a normal diet. Answers recommends weaning back to raw diet which is no problem since Levi was a raw fed baby before we started. It is necessary to find the amount of milk needed to maintain what was accomplished by the fast and they say that every pet will be different. Answers advises the way you find out is to start adding in the meat and when you hit a point where you start seeing symptoms recurring you back up to the level of milk that did not show symptoms. Raw feds dogs will need less milk than kibble fed dogs. Tomorrow Levi will start will getting half raw and half goat milk and we will work our way down from there. My goal is to get to the point where he is just on the recommended supplemental dose of 6 ounces per day.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts Levi suffers from idiopathic head tremors. Before this diet I would give him Greek yogurt at night before bed to keep them at bay. Now goat milk will replace that routine since it is much more nutritious and will help maintain what was accomplished by this diet.

If you have a dog suffering from allergies I would strongly recommend trying this fast. It has worked wonders for Levi and I know it can help your pet too. If you were not able to attend or watch online the presentation from Jacqueline Hill with Answers Pet Food at Carolina Pet Pantry below are links to a presentation she did at another pet store. The person who recorded it uploaded it in the different sections to Youtube. It is worth your time to watch as it is what got all this started for me and Levi.

Some of you know I am also doing this fast with my foster Bosworth and a link to his blog is on the menu of the home screen if you want to follow his journey. Unlike Levi, he has had poop like a raw fed dog so please do not let Levi’s pudding poop scare you off from trying this. You may be lucky and your pet have poop like Bosworth.

Highlights of things to be prepared for if you try this fast:

  • It is a financial investment but it is worthwhile. To date I have spent $743.58 on milk for Levi. Once we reach the supplemental level I estimate I will spend $76 per month to maintain him. This is cheaper than Atopica.
  • Your pet will have to urinate frequently. If you cannot work from home during this fast you will need to make plans to have someone let your pet out for multiple potty breaks during the day if you do not have a pet door to allow them out when you are not at home
  • The milk takes longer than you would think to thaw out. Try to thaw out a few containers at a time so you have a few days worth ready ahead of schedule. It is good for 14 days once it is thawed.
  • Be ready for some detox to happen during the fast and do not let it scare it you.
  • Be ready for the cutest views of your pet with a milk chin. No matter what dog has it – it is always adorable!

I do plan to do a follow-up post in a month to let you know how the maintenance is going. Thank you to everyone who has follow Levi’s journey.

Answers Presentation:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Life with a Neurotic Bulldog

10/26/2014 Blog Post #9

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

I had a water leak in my kitchen recently and was it ever a joy to deal with. The plumber who came out saw Levi and said “boy, if someone I know was aware he was here he would not be here long.” I laughed and said “trust me on this, they would return him in an hour flat!”

I watched a Dateline episode on strange afflictions several months back. It covered several odd medical disorders. About half way through they covered something called Hyperacusis. I almost fell off the couch. I thought this is what Levi has. Now it mentioned nothing about this disorder affecting animals but it sounds an awful lot like Levi and why he needs his anxiety meds to cope with everyday life. I often think how miserable it must be to have everyday sounds affect you so much. I have tried to adjust my life to limit the things that bother him so much. My friends and family know that they may get punched in the throat if they come to my house and ring my doorbell. Well maybe a throat punch is a little extreme but if you want to piss me off—ring my door bell and send Levi into downward spiral of anxiety. I can say this – if old age can bring hearing loss without any other negative issues – to my boy it will be one of the best things that has ever happened to him.

I also believe Levi may have developed some form of Agoraphobia. When Levi was a puppy he used to go running me with and my two boxers. He loved it. And somewhere around age 2 that lazy, stubborn bulldog kicked in and he would just lie down on me and refused to move. After a few trips of carrying him back to the house I decided he would win this battle. He is very fearful of cats. In fact, if they hiss at him he will submissively urinate and run in the other direction. We have a few indoor/outdoor kitties in our neighborhood who will lay in the middle of the street when you are out walking without any fear of dogs or people walking by. At some point this may have became too much stress for Levi and I think he just decided no more walks in the neighborhood. Over time this has gotten worse and after a foster dog broke out of his crate and attacked him one day while I was work his neurosis hit a whole new level. (I do not mean to minimize that event by not giving further details. It is still a painful time for me to think about so I will not say anything more about it.) This was the point he had to go on prescription anxiety meds. Yes, I live with a neurotic bulldog. It makes life a challenge sometimes but I would not trade him for anything.

I am sure you are wondering what all this has to do with Levi’s allergies and this milk diet. Levi has been doing fabulous on this diet. My foster Bosworth has recently also started this diet. What I noticed when this happened? Levi would start licking his paws every time Bosworth would drink a bowl of milk. As soon as Bosworth was done the paw licking would stop and not return again until Bosworth had another bowl. Seriously, Levi? Stress much? Well of course he does. He is my little fat ball of neurosis.

Yesterday, it was time to take him into the vet for his monthly nail trim. It really takes two people to do it and I just take him and my other bulldog into the vet for this task. He has two girlfriend’s there Leigh and Carly and a good buddy Jason. Sometimes he gets too excited and gives Leigh and Carly a good leg humping because he thinks they are just fantastic girlfriends and he does not get to see them as much as wants to. I pulled his harness out of the closet and the games began. He started panting and getting stressed and ran circles around the house. I sat in the floor with treats and tried to get him to come to me. He would get close and run away. It took 30 minutes to get close enough to him to put that harness on. He then just laid down on me and became dead weight. No, Levi had no interest in leaving the house. I carried him to the car and got him set up on his favorite blanket in the dog hammock in the back and off we went to the vet. Once we were in the waiting room I could tell he was shedding more. A clear sign of stress but he was better than when we left the house. He met a few nice folks in the waiting room who gave him a few head pats and he thanked them with butt wiggles. Finally we were called back and Levi was ecstatic it was his favorite girlfriend Leigh who would be trimming his nails. He laid on his side while I held him and she gave him a manicure. Leigh asked how the milk diet was doing. Just as I was about brag about how well he was doing I look and see all the shedding he was doing and also that his ears were bright red inside. I immediately bit my tongue and thought “oh lord, is he having an allergy flare up?” So I just said he was doing well and left it at that.

That afternoon after he had a little nap with me on the couch his ears were back to their normal pale fleshy color and all that shedding was done. He was back to this fantastic new self I had been observing since he started this diet. Lesson here: my boy has two factors at play – anxiety and severe allergies. The milk diet is not going to solve all his anxiety issues but has lessened greatly all his allergy symptoms. We still have a few more weeks to go but I am confident this is working how it is supposed to.

No one is perfect…..

10/12/2014  Blog Post #8

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

Well, no one is perfect and I most certainly am no different. I am just a crazy bullie mom with the best of intentions. I have mentioned several times that the presentation at Carolina Pet Pantry by Jacqueline Hill of Answers Pet Food is what got all this started. Some people local to the store were able to see her live and others like me logged into a web presentation and dialed into a conference number to listen. The presentation was at 6pm right in the middle of dinner time for my 6 furry kids. So part of the presentation I was at my computer and the other part walking around caring for the pups with my cell phone on speaker listening. So maybe I missed a few keys points?  Ok, yes I did. But I have it now.

If you have been following this blog then you read the write-up from Jacqueline in my last blog post. A key to this fast: sticking to it for a full 30 days. I got so excited at the results Levi had that I stopped the full fast and went to half raw and half goat’s milk on day 13 of the fast. Now Levi is still doing absolutely fabulous. But after reading Jacqueline’s write-up and then further researching this fast as it pertains to humans I realized I am still missing out on the benefits that this can give. So this past Friday we re-started the clock and began again with the full 100% fast. And this time we will stick with it for a FULL 30 days. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it!

If you take the time to Google this fast you will be amazed at the information that is out there. This diet seems to have helped so many humans with countless medical problems. You will find physicians are even refuting the need for our milk to be pasteurized for humans and articles about the black market for raw milk. I also read one very key fact in these articles that I want to mention here.

Dr. Porter says,: “In the case of a patient commencing the milk diet and taking about six quarts, should diarrhea occur and continue for more than thirty-six hours, with passages loose, sour or greenish, or containing small undigested curds, it is evident that the bowels are unable to digest all the food. The amount, therefore, must be reduced about one-half until solid movements occur only once or twice daily. Too little milk will cause constipation, and then the amount must be increased. I have seen cases where a variation in the daily amount taken, of two glasses, would make the difference between constipation and diarrhea.”

Translation: Too much milk = diarrhea; too little milk = constipation

Well hello, I was feeding Levi too much milk when I started. I can say now his poop is just fine. No it is not raw fed poop but it is not grossing me out this go around on the full milk fast. If only I had read a little more in the beginning or gave my full attention to presentation then Levi would be just days away from completing the full fast. This is not my first mistake in life and most certainly will not be last.

Levi is still happy as lark. No itching, paw licking, and his shedding is like a normal dog. I could not ask for more than what I have seen during this fast.

Articles you may want to read:

This details how a woman cured herself of Lyme disease.

Honestly, I could post a 100 links I found interesting. I encourage you to take the time and Google.

The Skinny: From Jacqueline Hill, microbiologist and VP at Answers Pet Food

As I have mentioned in previous posts the event that got this while thing started was a presentation from Jacqueline Hill from Answers Pet Food at Carolina Pet Pantry in Indian Trail, NC. Courtney,the owner of CPP, is also the President of Bullies 2 the Rescue our only NC English Bulldog Rescue. She has made it part of her life’s mission to educate pet owners regarding nutrition and find solutions for the bulldogs coming into her rescue with medical issues. So of course, she is the one who brought Jacqueline in to give us a presentation. And thank goodness she did. I did not want to mince Jacqueline’s words so I asked her to write a summary of her presentation. Now this blog will not allow me to post all the diagrams, charts, and pictures we saw in the presentation but it will give you the background of what made me and others embark on this journey. Message from Jacqueline:                                                             

                                                                       Fermented Raw Goat Milk Diet

The goat milk diet was developed for humans by the Mayo Clinic in the 1930’s. They called it “The Milk Cure”. Our mother (Jacqueline and Roxanne’s) Julia read about it in a books the company was using for research, The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid. It explained the protocol of ingesting nothing but raw milk and water for a minimum of 30 days up to 6 months depending on the ailment(s) being addressed. Julia also further researched the protocol at . For approximately 30 years our mother was diabetic, diagnosed with COPD, had very elevated liver values, elevated kidney values, elevated WBC count (for over 20+ years) macular degeneration, leg edema, and hair loss. She was on 12 prescription drugs. During the milk diet our mother was never hungry. She said it was the first time in 30 years that she did not crave carbohydrates. She had bloating and gas for the first 14 days. After the 30 days of just raw goat milk where she ingested approximately ¾ gallon per day, she was controlling her sugar levels with diet, had no COPD symptoms, liver values came in normal range, kidney values dropped, WBC count in normal range, macular degeneration improved (according to her eye doctor), no more leg edema, and hair returned. She did the milk diet in August 2011 and all blood values and results remain in normal range and continues to be free of COPD and all other symptoms.

After seeing the results our mother accomplished and knowing she was not hungry we decided to try it on our own dogs. They loved it and never seemed hungry. They had no real health issues except our pit bull who had a constant runny eye. That cleared up and never came back. Our first case outside the family was a distributor rep’s dog. The dog presented with weight loss and then eventual diarrhea. The veterinarians could not find a reason and ever test applicable was done. The veterinarians had literally thrown their hands up, the dog was dying. At the point the dog was a walking skeleton the owner contacted Answers. We suggested a milk diet and she agreed. After 6 weeks on just milk the diarrhea was gone and she was back to normal weight. They weaned her back on to a raw diet and she continues to maintain weight. The owner did comment that when she was on the milk diet it was the only time she did not try to get into the trash. I interpret that as the dog was satisfied by the milk for hunger and nutrition.

Next step was to have Roxanne evaluate the milk for nutritional adequacy for dogs and cats. Roxanne has a master’s degree in nutrition and food science and does all the formulation for Answers Pet Food. Roxanne determined everything scientifically known (I say it that way because science does not know all nutritional requirements) to be nutritionally needed for dogs and cats is in Answers raw fermented (has to be fermented as it adds nutrients) goat milk.

We asked Dr. Doug Knueven from Beaver, PA to do a case study. He had a client with a boxer who presented with severe weight loss and had yeasty skin with sores. We fed the boxer just goat milk for 6 months. Dr. Doug did periodic blood test to evaluate the dog was getting adequate nutrition. At 4 months the boxer was able to maintain weight with normal amount of calories and Dr. Doug’s opinion of the skin condition was it never looked better. We fed the boxer an additional 2 months on just goat milk since we had Dr. Doug monitoring for data purposes.

We have used the milk diet over the last 4 years on many different conditions, systemic yeast, idiopathic scratching/self-mutilating, seizure (actually able to control seizures in place of medicine), chronic urinary tract infections, lymphoma, chronic regurgitation, idiopathic diarrhea, and I am sure more that I can’t remember. The lymphoma case the dog was back to normal while on the milk (3 months) unfortunately the owners felt they could not afford to keep the large dog on just milk, the dog died 3 days after discontinuing the milk. All but one case reported back to Answers saw 90 to 100% improvement. The one case that did not see 90% plus improvement we feel needed to go longer (more than 30 days) but the owner chose to discontinue as feeding only milk was difficult for their lifestyle.

Why does it work when many times nothing else will? There are several different theories. The Mayo Clinic noticed when they used it the patients’ blood volume increased. It is known that raw goat milk and blood plasma have the same nutrient profile. The Mayo Clinic theorized it was an internal blood transfusion. This was the reason they would not do less than 30 day just milk. It takes 30 days for the blood to completely renew itself.

We have all heard heal the gut heal the patient. Unfortunately most of us don’t know exactly how that works. One reason has to do with the bacteria that live in the gut. If the gut has the right mix of good bacteria that bacteria can generate natural medicine to heal the body. This is well known and scientifically documented. So how do you get the right mix of good bacteria? The answer is fermented raw goat milk. Scientist have realized the importance of good bacteria in the gut. Unfortunately they recommend providing that through probiotic pills and powders. The problem with probiotic pills and powders is they only provide a handful (one to twenty) different strains of probiotics, raw fermented goat milk provides over 200. Our current medical system is very reductionist. They provide only the one component they feel is creating the result, in this case they are providing the probiotics. But probiotics don’t work alone. They require enzymes, minerals, and many things we have not discovered to work. They also need the protection of their natural environment to survive and make it past the acidic stomach. Research has shown the fermented dairy populates the digestive system with good bacteria 100 times better than pills or powders.

Another reason for the success of the goat milk diet is the breakdown of biofilm. Biofilm is produced by the bad bacteria in the gut to protect itself from good bacteria and antibiotics. Biofilm can get so dense it can prevent absorption of nutrients. Biofilm is made of protein and minerals and very hard to remove. When feeding just fermented raw milk the large amount of enzymes can break down the biofilm giving the good bacteria the ability to kill off the bad bacteria.

Leaky gut is more prevalent than most realize. The digestive tract is the only barrier between the food and medicine taken orally and the blood circulatory system. Due to a wrong diet, over medication, toxins and stress the digestive tract becomes more permeable allowing things into the blood that don’t belong there. This triggers the immune system to react leading to food sensitivity, allergic reactions and autoimmune conditions. Putting milk only into the digestive system allows the digestive tract to heal while purging the toxins causing the problem. Fixing leaky gut will allow the inflammatory response to turn off which can profoundly improve any condition because it allows the immune system to work the way it was designed and not in a state of constant inflammation. Depending on how toxic the gut is and how damaged the digestive tract is why it takes some 30 days to see improvement and others longer.

There is one more theory I would like to present. It was suggested to me by a veterinarian that was studying to get his master’s degree in stem cell therapy. When our mother Julia was researching the milk diet it was reported patients on the diet would experience minor discomfort in places they had injuries. It was also consistent that the discomfort started at the site of the oldest injury ending at the most recent injury. Julia experienced the same. She had an ankle injury that was the first place she recognized the discomfort. She reported the longest discomfort in her liver. After hearing my presentation on the milk diet the veterinarian reminded me that there are stem cells all over the body that scientist cannot figure out how to trigger. He felt perhaps the milk diet is a way to trigger stem cells and why it is so successful in healing.

So in conclusion I would have to say there are probably multiple reasons for the amazing and consistent results we see with the milk diet. I would encourage any pet owner struggling to heal their pet to consider a milk diet.

I got a new attitude…….

10/7/2014  Blog Post #7

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

Runnin’ hot, runnin’ cold I was runnin’ into overload, it was extreme I took it so high, so low So low, there was nowhere to go like a bad dream

Somehow the wires uncrossed, my tables were turned Never knew I had such a lesson to learn

I’m feelin’ good from my head to my shoes Know where I’m goin’ and I know what to do

I tidied it up my point of view, I got a new attitude!

I’m in control, my worries are few ‘Cause I’ve got Fermented Goat’s Milk building up my immune system

Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo I got a new attitude!

No one really understands what it is like to be a parent to a dog with allergies except other parents in the same position. I can remember when Levi was a puppy complaining to my vet about how much he sheds. I know some of you are thinking: “hey lady, dogs shed! Get real!” Well of course I know that. But even as a puppy Levi seemed to shed way more than any dog I had ever been a mom to or fostered. My vet told me that is what I get for buying a bulldog with a flat shiny coat because they shed more. I knew then he had no idea what I was dealing with. And well, how could he? He did not live with me and see what I dealt with every day. Dogs are known to get stressed and shed more when they go to the vet. This was Levi all the time though, not just vet visits. It was not long before I was brushing him daily until I was tired instead of until all the excess hair was removed. After I would wash his blankets it would only take an hour for them to look the same as before they went into wash albeit they did smell better. I would get sneezing fits when he would stand up on the couch and shake while standing on me and see a thousand hairs fall off of him. I know that suffering from allergies has been a horrible experience for him. It also has been horrible for his mom. I cannot tell you how many times I have been embarrassed when people would meet him and try to wipe all the excess hairs off him with their hands. I knew they were thinking “why doesn’t this lady brush her dog?” Yes, no one knew what life was really like for Levi and me. I tried hard to not imagine the judgmental thoughts that so many people had to have had over the years. I reminded myself I was trying everything I could to make things better for him.

Sunday was day 22 of this whole experiment and I decided I was going to give him his first bath since it started. Now before you ask why I would go 22 days without giving him a bath please know this was a planned part of all of this. Levi gets a bath in a prescription shampoo from the vet. It has all kind of goodies (well medication) in it to help sooth and calm skin suffering from allergies. At the height of his allergy symptoms, before we started allergy shots, he was getting bathed daily in this product to prevent him from scratching himself bloody and trust me it was a blessing as far as giving immediate relief. I wanted the results of this to not be skewed by this shampoo so I have avoided bathing him in it- until Sunday. What I immediately noticed, I did not have to fill my drain with Drano after, even though I had my dog paw cover on the drain. I was like “well, this is a first!” After I dried him off, well the most amazing thing happened. I rubbed his coat and for the first time in his 5 years of life his coat felt like my other bulldog Esther. I literally almost fell on the floor. Excessive shedding had just become something I accepted as being his mom. I cannot express fully how much I love this dog and honestly he could be a secret serial killer and I would be that mom that would do anything to prevent him from being detected by the law. So shedding hey, well it could be worse. I can now sweep one time a day. (I still have another excessive shedder in the house I am fostering but he is another story.) We all place a different value on things, but this is like a life changing event for me. Yes, he still sheds but it seems to be like a normal bullie. Praise Jesus!

Someone commented on my last blog post that they were also doing this fast with their baby but were not seeing the same results as fast as me. To this person and anyone else I say “be patient.” I assumed going into this Levi would be “behind the eight ball” because the severity of his allergies. Now, however, I think we saw results so fast because he has already been on a raw diet for 2 years and had almost the same amount of time on allergy shots. Now allergy shots had no positive benefit for my female bullie and she actually ended up with horrible pneumonia which I will attribute to those shots forever. Levi did see some benefit from immunotherapy. And when his allergies started flaring up again before this fast, the symptoms were different than years before. I do think immunotherapy had some benefit for him. I am sure the specialist who treated him would have said, had I asked, it was time to have him re-tested and adjust his allergy serum. Sure, let’s spend another $1,500 doing that. Instead, I chose to try this fast. We stopped the shots and I have been so pleased. With all that said, do not give up, this helps. Levi is living, breathing, snoring, and humping proof!

Stay tuned for the next blog post. Jacqueline Hill, from Answer’s Pet Food is working on writing a summary of the presentation she gave at Carolina Pet Pantry that got all this started. As a reminder, if you click the button at the bottom of the page that says “follow” you will receive an email each time I make a new post. Word press will send you an email with a link you will have to click on to confirm you want to follow

Because I am Happy

10/2/2014  Blog Post #6

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say

Clear skin she’s here, and she is here to stay

I’m a chunky bullie that could fly to space

With my new skin, like I don’t care baby by the way

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like “skin without itchiness”

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like “yeast is just a mess”

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you know “that immune suppressing drugs is not the way”

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,

Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,

Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,

No offense to you, don’t waste your time

Here’s why:

Bring me down “all the holistic naysayers”

Can’t nothing Bring me down

My level’s too high

Bring me down “all the holistic naysayers”

Can’t nothing Bring me down
So it is day 19 of Levi’s goat milk fast. What has changed and what is the same? Well Levi still loves the goat’s milk and I still melt when I see him with his goat’s milk chin. I used to think I could find nothing more heartwarming than the faces of a English bulldog- but wait the face of a English bulldog with goat’s milk on his chin- well just priceless.

Levi has still been seemingly relieved of his allergy symptoms since about day 4 of the fast. After Atopica, steroids, antibiotics, and almost two years of allergy shots that somehow stopped being effective relief, this fast has truly been a blessing. The only downside was the poop. Yes, it was orange and gross. He never had gastrointestinal discomfort, no accidents, but his poop was gross. I know because I scoop it every other day since I have 6 dogs under my care. Not fun to scoop orange mushy poop that leaves a residue on your yard after you scoop it. So on day 13 of this fast we made an adjustment. Instead of the 3.5 cartons of only goat’s milk per day I decided to add some raw back into his diet. I know, this is going to interfere with the scientific aspect of this fast. But hey, no one is paying me to do this nor am I getting free product. (In case anyone was wondering!) I am just a bullie mom sharing my experience in the hopes it will help another mom of an allergy baby find a solution for their fur kid.

On day 13, his daily food schedule was changed to the following: a 16 oz carton of Answer’s fermented goat’s milk for breakfast, a half pound of Darwin’s raw duck or turkey for dinner, and a half carton of goat’s milk before bed time. In 24 hours, what happened? Well allergy symptoms remained at bay and his poop retuned to a formed brown poop. Now it is not the regular raw food poop I am used but more like middle ground between kibble poop and raw poop. Definitely within the range I can be happy with and not want to throw up when I scoop it from the yard.

On day 19, allergy symptoms are still at bay. No licking, nice fleshy toned ears, shedding has decreased (still more than the average bullie) and now poop is at acceptable levels! All is well in Levi’s world which means all is well in my world. If Levi is not happy, then no one is happy in this house.Just ask the other 5 dogs here!

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like “skin without itchiness”

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like “yeast is just a mess”

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you know “that immune suppressing drugs is not the way”

Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

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What a Wonderful World

9/23/2014  Blog Post #5

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

I see trees of green, red roses too.

I see them bloom, for me and you.

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue, And clouds of white.

The bright blessed day, The dark sacred night.

And I think to myself, What a wonderful world.

A life without yeasty paws…..what a wonderful world!  Yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world!

So life here has greatly improved. The paw licking ceased on day 4 and has not re-appeared. All the reddish brown yeastiness has disappeared from Levi’s paws and this is only day 10 of the fast. His face is almost 100% back to his beautiful pure white. Seeing is believing- and I am now and considering a second career of goat farming. Can you see it? Me in over-alls, boots and a straw hat surrounded by boxers, english bulldogs and goats? Who knew those cute little faces contained one of nature’s miracles?

I know that many of you reading this post were not able to participate in the presentation by Jacqueline Hill of Answers Pet Food at Carolina Pet Pantry. The presentation that got all this started. I have asked Jacqueline to construct a write-up of that presentation for me to post to this blog soon. I do not want to mince her words so I know information from her with her background as a microbiologist will help many of you understand why I jumped on the “goat’s milk” bandwagon.

A friend of mine foster failed with a boxer with mast cell tumors. He had surgery to remove some, but not all could be surgically removed. After, she began making a long drive out of state to a holistic veterinarian in Virginia to treat him. The remedies devised by this veterinarian did help shrink the remaining MCT’s. Recently she was starting to some growth coming back. In one of our random doggie conversations we discussed this diet. I mentioned one of the many things fermented raw goat’s milk can help with is reducing MCT’s. Today she took her “Orwell” in for a visit and the holistic veterinarian felt this would be a “awesome” supplement for his diet. So very soon, another smushy faced boy will learn the benefits this can have, whether in a complete fast or added as supplement. My friend also mentioned her holistic vet said he was treating a 2 month old foal in NC who had poked his eye on a nail. He told the owner to treat the eye directly with raw (not fermented) goat’s milk. Not only did the eye heal but the foal can now see shadows from the eye. I think that is pretty impressive.

I also had a conversation with my friend Victoria at 4 Paws Holistic in Charlotte, NC. She said they too recommend the milk for yeasty dogs and allergies. She mentioned she has one customer who gives it to her dog with seizures and that it is the only thing that prevents them. Without the milk the dog has to be on prescription medication. She also suggested that I look at the Steve’s brand raw food with Levi because they add goat’s milk to their raw and it does not contain a lot of synthetic vitamins which can be problematic for some dogs.

I am starting to feel like Answers Pet Food needs to issue me an employee badge as much as I have been talking about their products lately. I am just amazed at the difference I see in my Levi already. Let this serve as a reminder to you that if possible shopping at a “boutique” pet store instead of a big boxed store can truly be the difference between finding a solution to issues and not. If you go into a Pet Smart, Tractor Supply etc…. you are not going to find someone who can speak to articulately about products. Boutique pet stores have private owners who have made nutrition their passion. Courtney, the owner of Carolina Pet Pantry is also the President of Bullies 2 the Rescue which is our NC english bulldog rescue. She lives and breathes allergies everyday. It truly is her life’s mission to devise diet plans to help these dogs and the kind of person you want giving you advice. Victoria at 4 Paws Holistic is a raw food feeder herself and knows more information about raw feeding that anyone I know. Off the cuff she can recite the differences between all the raw food brands. If you have a problematic dog or not I encourage you to shop at one of these stores or a store like them.

So the one thing I am not excited about- the poop. Yes, the poop is still mushy. I guess nothing is perfect. And this is just a fast- not a forever goat’s milk diet. When the fast is over he will go back to his normal raw diet and his solid little raw poops with this milk being added as a daily supplement.

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Lap up that Goat’s Milk and cheer up – Put on a happy face

9/20/2014 Blog Post #4

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

Bulldog allergies are going to clear up

Put on a happy face

Lap up the goat’s milk and cheer up

Put on a happy face

Take off the gloomy mask of red yeast

It’s not your style

You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad You decided to smile

Pick out a pleasant outlook

Stick out that noble milk chin

Wipe off that full of doubt look

Slap on a happy milk  grin

And spread sunshine all over the place

And put on a happy face

Bulldog allergies are going to clear up

Put on a happy face

Lap up the goat’s milk and cheer up

Put on a happy face

Day 6 progress report: I have been home sick with Bronchitis and my little Levi has been by my side constantly watching over me. Some people wonder why I adore my fat little high maintenance man so much but they do not see all the love he gives me in return. Like the last two days when all the other 5 dogs here couldn’t get away from me hacking and coughing fast enough. Levi crawled up next to me and snuggled right up under my blanket. He is a momma’s boy devoted to me as much as I am to him.

Day 6 is the third day of the fast he has not been licking his paws at all. Again, the only meds he is remaining on are his anxiety pills. No allergy shots, no antihistamines and no steroids. I am in awe, as we have yet to see results like this from any other of the other myriad of products we have tried over the last few years. I am also noticing that the red dinginess on his paws is starting to fade away. His face still has the brown tinge but for only 6 days in I love what I see.

Now the poop situation has not improved. It is still a pudding consistency. In fact this morning, he seemed to have gone from a yellowish color to orange. Part of me wonders if that has something to do with the way his anxiety meds are reacting to his milk only fast. Either way, I was glad I have a new container of Earthbath wipes and that orange bum was quickly taken care of. Maybe this is why human infants have such awful poop. Hey folks, I am not going to sugar coat anything. The lack of paw licking is awesome but his poop is mushy. The good thing is that he is only pooping once a day so it is not problematic and he has had no accidents in the house. It just looks odd when you see it.

He still seems full with his (3) cartons of milk each day. He also is still not fussing over the lack of treats. Once thing I failed to mention in my original post giving his background is that Levi also suffers from Bulldog Head Tremors. Normally when they occur I give him some Greek yogurt and they stop immediately. Today after one of our naps we woke up and he had them. Instead of giving him yogurt I gave him half a container of the goat’s milk and they stopped immediately just as they do when I give him yogurt. So today he will have (3.5) cartons total for the day instead of the (3) per day he has been getting. If he gets them again I will probably just up his daily allowance to (3.5) cartons a day given in 4 separate meals.

I am happy with the progress and will continue to posts updates. As a reminder, if you click the button at the bottom of the page that says “follow” you will receive an email each time I make a new post. Word press will send you a email with a link you will have to click on to confirm you want to follow.

Here is a link from Georgia English Bulldog Rescue explaining head tremors:

Allergies: It is a Bulldog’s World

9/17/2014 Blog Post #3

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

Me: You’re your so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you, you’re so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you, don’t you, don’t you? (Don’t lie, you sang it, not read it.)

Levi: Duh mom, my name is in the title. Like Dozer Batts says “It’s a Bulldog’s World”

Jacqueline Hill the microbiologist from Answers Pet Food sent me the official guidelines to this fast. I have pasted them on a page in this blog for anyone who wants to read them. If you are viewing this from your phone you will not see the page, at least I do not see it on my iphone, but if you view it from a computer you will see it.

I have had several people to ask me the cost of doing this fast. One thing is for sure it does cost some dollars. Each carton sells for $5.99 and a case of (12) 16 oz cartons is $71.88. Today I purchased (4) cases for $306.93 after the $19.41 added for NC state tax which makes the case cost plus tax $76.74 per case. I refuse to put in writing the cost of the 7.5 cases required to give Levi 3 cartons a day for this fast. Let me just say that it will be 2015 before I will be meeting my friends for dinner and a drink again. It is a Bulldog’s World for sure at my house!

Let me do some more math for you in case you think you will just stick with the Atopica. Now the markups up of this drug will most certainly vary by the vet you purchase it from. I do not off the top of my head remember the specific cost of it when I had purchased it for Levi several years back at my vet’s office. However, I do have other dogs in my household on the generic: cyclosporine modified from Costco. The highest dosage pill is 100 mg and a 30 count box of it is $89 from Costco, which is the most affordable place I could find to purchase it from. I have a 95 lb American Bulldog I am fostering who has to take it daily. Due to his size, he takes 200mg daily which is 2 boxes every 30 days. (Thank goodness the rescue pays for his meds.)

My hope for Levi is that once this fast is over is I will be able to just supplement Levi’s diet with this product to maintain him if this fast works. The recommended dosages of this product are as follows for supplemental feeding: 2oz for up to 20lbs, 4oz for 20-50lbs, and 6oz for over 50lbs. If I continue to supplement him daily after the fast, a case which totals 192 ounces, will leave him enough for 6.2 ounces per day, for 30 days, added to his daily raw and still be $13.26 less expensive than the generic Atopica each month. Instead of suppressing his immune system with a drug I will instead be building up his immune system with a tasty supplement. To me it is obvious which one is the better choice if this fast works for him. I just felt it was important to point that out. And if I no longer have to pay for allergy serum and syringes then I am really saving money. So it depends on your situation on whether you think the cost associated with this fast  is just too expensive.

So how have the last two days been since my last post? Levi still seems content with the (3) cartons per day. He does not seem hungry and has not been bothering my other dogs when they eat. If he was hungry that for sure would happen. He gets each carton in a separate meal. I do not think you could do this fast with any less than 3 meals a day. I am certain some dogs may require more than 3 separate meals. He is still being compliant with the no treats rule. Will this compliancy last? Who knows?

The Answers guidelines suggest you take your pet off of all medications if you can. Levi is only remaining on Clomipramine which I affectionately call his “crazy bullie pills.” He is almost intolerable to himself and others without them. Once thing is for sure, if someone ever tried to steal him he would be returned as soon as those meds wore off. I have discontinued the Hydroxyzine and his allergy shots. He is pretty happy about not being stuck with a needle every 3 days.

The poop situation remains the same. In the Answers guidelines for this fast they describe it as a yellowish pudding consistency and for the first 4 days that has been right on the money. So may be a good idea to stock up on some Earthbath wipes if you plan to try this. I have found the green tea wipes to be the best soothing wipes on the market for a Bulldog. I just love Earthbath products.

Drum roll please………you hear it? Pretend you do ok……

Today I have been sick and worked from home. Levi slept at my feet for most of the day. AND….yes AND not once did he lick his paws. Did you hear me?? Not once did he lick his paws and today is only day 4 on this fast. Are his face and feet still dingy brown? You bet they are! It took a lot of bullie licking to get them that way. The first step in clearing that up though is for his incessant licking to stop. I am well aware it will take time for that dinginess to go away. So today I am feeling pretty confident about where this is going.

Some more things I want to point out. The Answers guidelines discuss a detox that will happen if you do this fast. I know all about detox as does any raw food feeder. I went through it with Levi and Esther when they made the transition from kibble to raw. Luckily, Dr Becker the holistic veterinarian I mentioned in my first blog post covered this in her videos she has on YouTube about raw feeding or I would have been rushing them to the vet asking what was wrong. Answers Pet Food calls it a bio-film. It is a slimy covering you will see over the dog’s poop for the first 1 to 2 weeks when you switch to raw. The body is ridding itself of all the yucky stuff in kibble. And trust that no matter what kibble you are feeding- it will happen. It really brings to light the fact that there is stuff in kibble that dogs really should not be getting. So since Levi has been on a raw diet for a couple of years now this is not happening with him. He has already detoxed. So in this regard, he is ahead of the game. Finally, at least one thing in life I can say he excels at other than being a lazy bum and a crazy fat man. He could gold metal in crazy fat man!

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