The Answers Raw Fermented Goat’s Milk Fast is underway!

9/15/2014  Blog Post #2

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

Sunday Sept 14th:

Each ounce of Answer’s Raw Fermented Goat’s milk has 21 calories and each 16 oz container has 336 calories. I had to determine how many calories each day Levi normally consumed with his Darwin’s raw diet so I could ensure the same calories were consumed with this fast. Levi normally eats around 1,000 calories per day as 5 yo English bulldog who weighs 58lbs. On this fast Levi will need to consume (3) 16oz cartons of the goat’s milk each day.

I purchased my first case of this product from Carolina Pet Pantry in Indian Trail on Saturday after leaving an event in Charlotte for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. I thought I was in the general area and I wanted to spend my dollars at a pet store that supports rescue. The owner is the President of Bullies 2 the Rescue the only EBD rescue in NC. It was an hour and a half drive home and for some reason when I arrived home I just put the whole case in my freezer despite knowing I was starting this fast the next day. Later that night before bed I put a few cartons in the fridge to thaw overnight. Unfortunately, at breakfast the next morning the cartons were only partially thawed and Levi’s first meal was only about 4 ounces of the 16 oz carton I reached for. The rest was still frozen.

At first I felt pretty stupid for not putting more thought into ensuring at least his first carton was thawed. Soon after I remembered the Friday before he threw up half a pound of Darwin’s raw beef on my feet and I decided it was probably a blessing in disguise. Why did he throw up? He had not had beef for a few months and had only been eating duck and turkey. I can only assume that the sudden change was too much for him or maybe it was the ten laps he ran around my backyard after eating. Either way, starting him off slow on the milk was probably a good idea. I did not want to start off my Sunday morning with his breakfast on my feet like I did the Friday morning before.

I poured those four ounces in his stainless steel bowl and set it down on his raised feeder. I was nervous. Would he like it? He loves yogurt so surely he will like this. What will I do if he does not? If he doesn’t, lord I hope the boxers do. After all, they are like Mikey on the Chex commercial and will eat anything. To my delight, he slurped those 4 ounces down and when he looked up with milk on his chin my heart went pitter patter. It was official- the goat’s milk was a hit. So at least I now knew that for sure. Do not be concerned that that little fat man was starving all day. I left the carton on the counter- along with several others- and allowed it to finish thawing. An hour or two later he had the rest. In fact that day he had those three cartons in about 6 small meals. Every time I would pour a little more in his bowl his little adorable self would bounce right on over. I think he must have thought it was his birthday getting so many small meals in one day. The best part of it is that all milk stayed down. So the small meals were a good thing.

My other concern with doing this was the no treats rule. Levi is quite the spoiled short fat man. He gets a treat for doing almost everything. If he goes into my bedroom to be baby gated he gets a treat, if he goes in his crate he gets a treat, if he goes into the bathroom to get a bath he gets a treat and sometimes he gets a treat to get his lazy bum up and go outside to potty before bed. All of his treats are either dehydrated/freeze dried organ meat or Phycox chews. I knew that if there was going to be a hang up – getting no treats would be it. To my surprise, he looked for me to give him treats but he still complied. So the first day was a success.

Monday Sept 15th:

On the second day I was more prepared and all of his 3 allotted cartons were thawed completely this morning. I poured the entire first carton in his bowl and he slurped it up with enthusiasm. A few little spots of milk landed on my hardwood floors so I had to clean them up with some 409 and a paper towel. Luckily, a bulldog with milk on his chin this morning had the same appeal as it did yesterday. Today Levi had each of his 3 cartons in one meal each. So we went from 6 meals yesterday to three meals today.

Yo, I don’t think we should talk about this Come on, why not?

People might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know?

No, but that’s a part of life

Come on [CHORUS]

Let’s talk about POOP baby

Let’s talk about you and me

Let’s talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be

Let’s talk about poop

Let’s talk about poop

Let’s talk about poop

Let’s talk about poop

One of my favorite things about feeding a raw diet is the poop that comes along it. They have these small, odorless little balls that will turn white and ashy a few days later. It is one my favorite benefits of a raw diet. Not many things are worse than sitting on your patio on a hot summer evening and getting the waft of poop from a kibble fed dog; especially, if it is some cheap kibble. When you switch to a raw diet you become really spoiled with this. I was concerned how this diet would affect Levi’s poop. I had such a busy day yesterday that I did not take note of it but today I did. It was a light brown soft texture with a not so pleasant smell. And after I had to get a Earthbath wipe to clean the residue off his bum. So it looks like I am back to wiping bullie butts. (Good thing I like bullie butts and I can not lie!) Something I have not had to do in a good while with two raw fed bullies with tail amputations. I am not sure if this will continue but it is the state of affairs on day two.

All and all I would say things are going well so far. Levi seems content and is not putting up a fuss about the no treats rule. Hopefully this continues.

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Thank you to those of you who are interested in Levi’s journey.

More to come.


One thought on “The Answers Raw Fermented Goat’s Milk Fast is underway!

  1. Sounds like things are going great so far. As for the poop, that may change the longer he is on his goat milk journey. It maybe the milk is simply starting to remove the toxins in him. Might as well think positive. Either way I know what you are doing is going to improve his overall health and add years to his life. I’m pulling for you Levi. And thanks for being our first guinea bully.


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