Lap up that Goat’s Milk and cheer up – Put on a happy face

9/20/2014 Blog Post #4

Fast dates: September 14th through October 13th

Bulldog allergies are going to clear up

Put on a happy face

Lap up the goat’s milk and cheer up

Put on a happy face

Take off the gloomy mask of red yeast

It’s not your style

You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad You decided to smile

Pick out a pleasant outlook

Stick out that noble milk chin

Wipe off that full of doubt look

Slap on a happy milk  grin

And spread sunshine all over the place

And put on a happy face

Bulldog allergies are going to clear up

Put on a happy face

Lap up the goat’s milk and cheer up

Put on a happy face

Day 6 progress report: I have been home sick with Bronchitis and my little Levi has been by my side constantly watching over me. Some people wonder why I adore my fat little high maintenance man so much but they do not see all the love he gives me in return. Like the last two days when all the other 5 dogs here couldn’t get away from me hacking and coughing fast enough. Levi crawled up next to me and snuggled right up under my blanket. He is a momma’s boy devoted to me as much as I am to him.

Day 6 is the third day of the fast he has not been licking his paws at all. Again, the only meds he is remaining on are his anxiety pills. No allergy shots, no antihistamines and no steroids. I am in awe, as we have yet to see results like this from any other of the other myriad of products we have tried over the last few years. I am also noticing that the red dinginess on his paws is starting to fade away. His face still has the brown tinge but for only 6 days in I love what I see.

Now the poop situation has not improved. It is still a pudding consistency. In fact this morning, he seemed to have gone from a yellowish color to orange. Part of me wonders if that has something to do with the way his anxiety meds are reacting to his milk only fast. Either way, I was glad I have a new container of Earthbath wipes and that orange bum was quickly taken care of. Maybe this is why human infants have such awful poop. Hey folks, I am not going to sugar coat anything. The lack of paw licking is awesome but his poop is mushy. The good thing is that he is only pooping once a day so it is not problematic and he has had no accidents in the house. It just looks odd when you see it.

He still seems full with his (3) cartons of milk each day. He also is still not fussing over the lack of treats. Once thing I failed to mention in my original post giving his background is that Levi also suffers from Bulldog Head Tremors. Normally when they occur I give him some Greek yogurt and they stop immediately. Today after one of our naps we woke up and he had them. Instead of giving him yogurt I gave him half a container of the goat’s milk and they stopped immediately just as they do when I give him yogurt. So today he will have (3.5) cartons total for the day instead of the (3) per day he has been getting. If he gets them again I will probably just up his daily allowance to (3.5) cartons a day given in 4 separate meals.

I am happy with the progress and will continue to posts updates. As a reminder, if you click the button at the bottom of the page that says “follow” you will receive an email each time I make a new post. Word press will send you a email with a link you will have to click on to confirm you want to follow.

Here is a link from Georgia English Bulldog Rescue explaining head tremors:


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