The Skinny: From Jacqueline Hill, microbiologist and VP at Answers Pet Food

As I have mentioned in previous posts the event that got this while thing started was a presentation from Jacqueline Hill from Answers Pet Food at Carolina Pet Pantry in Indian Trail, NC. Courtney,the owner of CPP, is also the President of Bullies 2 the Rescue our only NC English Bulldog Rescue. She has made it part of her life’s mission to educate pet owners regarding nutrition and find solutions for the bulldogs coming into her rescue with medical issues. So of course, she is the one who brought Jacqueline in to give us a presentation. And thank goodness she did. I did not want to mince Jacqueline’s words so I asked her to write a summary of her presentation. Now this blog will not allow me to post all the diagrams, charts, and pictures we saw in the presentation but it will give you the background of what made me and others embark on this journey. Message from Jacqueline:                                                             

                                                                       Fermented Raw Goat Milk Diet

The goat milk diet was developed for humans by the Mayo Clinic in the 1930’s. They called it “The Milk Cure”. Our mother (Jacqueline and Roxanne’s) Julia read about it in a books the company was using for research, The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid. It explained the protocol of ingesting nothing but raw milk and water for a minimum of 30 days up to 6 months depending on the ailment(s) being addressed. Julia also further researched the protocol at . For approximately 30 years our mother was diabetic, diagnosed with COPD, had very elevated liver values, elevated kidney values, elevated WBC count (for over 20+ years) macular degeneration, leg edema, and hair loss. She was on 12 prescription drugs. During the milk diet our mother was never hungry. She said it was the first time in 30 years that she did not crave carbohydrates. She had bloating and gas for the first 14 days. After the 30 days of just raw goat milk where she ingested approximately ¾ gallon per day, she was controlling her sugar levels with diet, had no COPD symptoms, liver values came in normal range, kidney values dropped, WBC count in normal range, macular degeneration improved (according to her eye doctor), no more leg edema, and hair returned. She did the milk diet in August 2011 and all blood values and results remain in normal range and continues to be free of COPD and all other symptoms.

After seeing the results our mother accomplished and knowing she was not hungry we decided to try it on our own dogs. They loved it and never seemed hungry. They had no real health issues except our pit bull who had a constant runny eye. That cleared up and never came back. Our first case outside the family was a distributor rep’s dog. The dog presented with weight loss and then eventual diarrhea. The veterinarians could not find a reason and ever test applicable was done. The veterinarians had literally thrown their hands up, the dog was dying. At the point the dog was a walking skeleton the owner contacted Answers. We suggested a milk diet and she agreed. After 6 weeks on just milk the diarrhea was gone and she was back to normal weight. They weaned her back on to a raw diet and she continues to maintain weight. The owner did comment that when she was on the milk diet it was the only time she did not try to get into the trash. I interpret that as the dog was satisfied by the milk for hunger and nutrition.

Next step was to have Roxanne evaluate the milk for nutritional adequacy for dogs and cats. Roxanne has a master’s degree in nutrition and food science and does all the formulation for Answers Pet Food. Roxanne determined everything scientifically known (I say it that way because science does not know all nutritional requirements) to be nutritionally needed for dogs and cats is in Answers raw fermented (has to be fermented as it adds nutrients) goat milk.

We asked Dr. Doug Knueven from Beaver, PA to do a case study. He had a client with a boxer who presented with severe weight loss and had yeasty skin with sores. We fed the boxer just goat milk for 6 months. Dr. Doug did periodic blood test to evaluate the dog was getting adequate nutrition. At 4 months the boxer was able to maintain weight with normal amount of calories and Dr. Doug’s opinion of the skin condition was it never looked better. We fed the boxer an additional 2 months on just goat milk since we had Dr. Doug monitoring for data purposes.

We have used the milk diet over the last 4 years on many different conditions, systemic yeast, idiopathic scratching/self-mutilating, seizure (actually able to control seizures in place of medicine), chronic urinary tract infections, lymphoma, chronic regurgitation, idiopathic diarrhea, and I am sure more that I can’t remember. The lymphoma case the dog was back to normal while on the milk (3 months) unfortunately the owners felt they could not afford to keep the large dog on just milk, the dog died 3 days after discontinuing the milk. All but one case reported back to Answers saw 90 to 100% improvement. The one case that did not see 90% plus improvement we feel needed to go longer (more than 30 days) but the owner chose to discontinue as feeding only milk was difficult for their lifestyle.

Why does it work when many times nothing else will? There are several different theories. The Mayo Clinic noticed when they used it the patients’ blood volume increased. It is known that raw goat milk and blood plasma have the same nutrient profile. The Mayo Clinic theorized it was an internal blood transfusion. This was the reason they would not do less than 30 day just milk. It takes 30 days for the blood to completely renew itself.

We have all heard heal the gut heal the patient. Unfortunately most of us don’t know exactly how that works. One reason has to do with the bacteria that live in the gut. If the gut has the right mix of good bacteria that bacteria can generate natural medicine to heal the body. This is well known and scientifically documented. So how do you get the right mix of good bacteria? The answer is fermented raw goat milk. Scientist have realized the importance of good bacteria in the gut. Unfortunately they recommend providing that through probiotic pills and powders. The problem with probiotic pills and powders is they only provide a handful (one to twenty) different strains of probiotics, raw fermented goat milk provides over 200. Our current medical system is very reductionist. They provide only the one component they feel is creating the result, in this case they are providing the probiotics. But probiotics don’t work alone. They require enzymes, minerals, and many things we have not discovered to work. They also need the protection of their natural environment to survive and make it past the acidic stomach. Research has shown the fermented dairy populates the digestive system with good bacteria 100 times better than pills or powders.

Another reason for the success of the goat milk diet is the breakdown of biofilm. Biofilm is produced by the bad bacteria in the gut to protect itself from good bacteria and antibiotics. Biofilm can get so dense it can prevent absorption of nutrients. Biofilm is made of protein and minerals and very hard to remove. When feeding just fermented raw milk the large amount of enzymes can break down the biofilm giving the good bacteria the ability to kill off the bad bacteria.

Leaky gut is more prevalent than most realize. The digestive tract is the only barrier between the food and medicine taken orally and the blood circulatory system. Due to a wrong diet, over medication, toxins and stress the digestive tract becomes more permeable allowing things into the blood that don’t belong there. This triggers the immune system to react leading to food sensitivity, allergic reactions and autoimmune conditions. Putting milk only into the digestive system allows the digestive tract to heal while purging the toxins causing the problem. Fixing leaky gut will allow the inflammatory response to turn off which can profoundly improve any condition because it allows the immune system to work the way it was designed and not in a state of constant inflammation. Depending on how toxic the gut is and how damaged the digestive tract is why it takes some 30 days to see improvement and others longer.

There is one more theory I would like to present. It was suggested to me by a veterinarian that was studying to get his master’s degree in stem cell therapy. When our mother Julia was researching the milk diet it was reported patients on the diet would experience minor discomfort in places they had injuries. It was also consistent that the discomfort started at the site of the oldest injury ending at the most recent injury. Julia experienced the same. She had an ankle injury that was the first place she recognized the discomfort. She reported the longest discomfort in her liver. After hearing my presentation on the milk diet the veterinarian reminded me that there are stem cells all over the body that scientist cannot figure out how to trigger. He felt perhaps the milk diet is a way to trigger stem cells and why it is so successful in healing.

So in conclusion I would have to say there are probably multiple reasons for the amazing and consistent results we see with the milk diet. I would encourage any pet owner struggling to heal their pet to consider a milk diet.


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