No one is perfect…..

10/12/2014  Blog Post #8

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

Well, no one is perfect and I most certainly am no different. I am just a crazy bullie mom with the best of intentions. I have mentioned several times that the presentation at Carolina Pet Pantry by Jacqueline Hill of Answers Pet Food is what got all this started. Some people local to the store were able to see her live and others like me logged into a web presentation and dialed into a conference number to listen. The presentation was at 6pm right in the middle of dinner time for my 6 furry kids. So part of the presentation I was at my computer and the other part walking around caring for the pups with my cell phone on speaker listening. So maybe I missed a few keys points?  Ok, yes I did. But I have it now.

If you have been following this blog then you read the write-up from Jacqueline in my last blog post. A key to this fast: sticking to it for a full 30 days. I got so excited at the results Levi had that I stopped the full fast and went to half raw and half goat’s milk on day 13 of the fast. Now Levi is still doing absolutely fabulous. But after reading Jacqueline’s write-up and then further researching this fast as it pertains to humans I realized I am still missing out on the benefits that this can give. So this past Friday we re-started the clock and began again with the full 100% fast. And this time we will stick with it for a FULL 30 days. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it!

If you take the time to Google this fast you will be amazed at the information that is out there. This diet seems to have helped so many humans with countless medical problems. You will find physicians are even refuting the need for our milk to be pasteurized for humans and articles about the black market for raw milk. I also read one very key fact in these articles that I want to mention here.

Dr. Porter says,: “In the case of a patient commencing the milk diet and taking about six quarts, should diarrhea occur and continue for more than thirty-six hours, with passages loose, sour or greenish, or containing small undigested curds, it is evident that the bowels are unable to digest all the food. The amount, therefore, must be reduced about one-half until solid movements occur only once or twice daily. Too little milk will cause constipation, and then the amount must be increased. I have seen cases where a variation in the daily amount taken, of two glasses, would make the difference between constipation and diarrhea.”

Translation: Too much milk = diarrhea; too little milk = constipation

Well hello, I was feeding Levi too much milk when I started. I can say now his poop is just fine. No it is not raw fed poop but it is not grossing me out this go around on the full milk fast. If only I had read a little more in the beginning or gave my full attention to presentation then Levi would be just days away from completing the full fast. This is not my first mistake in life and most certainly will not be last.

Levi is still happy as lark. No itching, paw licking, and his shedding is like a normal dog. I could not ask for more than what I have seen during this fast.

Articles you may want to read:

This details how a woman cured herself of Lyme disease.

Honestly, I could post a 100 links I found interesting. I encourage you to take the time and Google.


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