The Finish Line!

11/8/2014 Blog Post #10

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (12 days)
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (14 days)
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

Total of 56 days.

I remember the first time I ran a 5k. Now, let me first say I am no longer a runner. I have gotten a little lazy in my middle age. But I remember the excitement I had after signing up. And the excitement I had while preparing the race. I was all fired up and I spent all my energy getting ready. Then on race day that same excitement continued until about mid way through when the day was hotter than I expected and the route had more hills than expected. The feeling of wanting to just quit took over and I wondered why I was even doing it in the first place. But some how I muddled through and when I reached the finish line a feeling of accomplishment overcame me. I would say that this is a lot like doing this diet. It is expensive, and for Levi it gave him “pudding poop,” and the frequent urination is a lot a work. This diet is not for every pet owner. Definitely not for the lazy pet owner. You have to be committed to making your dog better. Here we are though, at the finish line, and I would say it was all worth while!

As mentioned in earlier posts Levi’s shedding was extreme before this diet. Today he is like a normal dog. I would have done this diet if the only benefit was solving that issue. He is no longer on any medication other than his anxiety meds; no allergy shots and no antihistamines. His coat is shiny and glossy and he looks fabulous. I would definitely say this experiment was a success.

I will look back on this for years and laugh. Why you ask? Oh times like when Levi is all fired up on a chilly morning and shoots back into the house after a potty break with a little orange milk curd hanging from bum. Instead of walking over to the kitchen counter and letting me get out an Earthbath green tea wipe to clean his bum he decides to run and jump on the couch and run from end to end and slings that little milk curd on the back of the couch. It looked a lot like a long Crayola orange crayon shaving. Thank God I have a leather couch and it was easily cleaned off with a Clorox wipe. It was not the most fun experience at the moment but looking back on it I laugh.

Starting tomorrow I will start to transition Levi back to a normal diet. Answers recommends weaning back to raw diet which is no problem since Levi was a raw fed baby before we started. It is necessary to find the amount of milk needed to maintain what was accomplished by the fast and they say that every pet will be different. Answers advises the way you find out is to start adding in the meat and when you hit a point where you start seeing symptoms recurring you back up to the level of milk that did not show symptoms. Raw feds dogs will need less milk than kibble fed dogs. Tomorrow Levi will start will getting half raw and half goat milk and we will work our way down from there. My goal is to get to the point where he is just on the recommended supplemental dose of 6 ounces per day.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts Levi suffers from idiopathic head tremors. Before this diet I would give him Greek yogurt at night before bed to keep them at bay. Now goat milk will replace that routine since it is much more nutritious and will help maintain what was accomplished by this diet.

If you have a dog suffering from allergies I would strongly recommend trying this fast. It has worked wonders for Levi and I know it can help your pet too. If you were not able to attend or watch online the presentation from Jacqueline Hill with Answers Pet Food at Carolina Pet Pantry below are links to a presentation she did at another pet store. The person who recorded it uploaded it in the different sections to Youtube. It is worth your time to watch as it is what got all this started for me and Levi.

Some of you know I am also doing this fast with my foster Bosworth and a link to his blog is on the menu of the home screen if you want to follow his journey. Unlike Levi, he has had poop like a raw fed dog so please do not let Levi’s pudding poop scare you off from trying this. You may be lucky and your pet have poop like Bosworth.

Highlights of things to be prepared for if you try this fast:

  • It is a financial investment but it is worthwhile. To date I have spent $743.58 on milk for Levi. Once we reach the supplemental level I estimate I will spend $76 per month to maintain him. This is cheaper than Atopica.
  • Your pet will have to urinate frequently. If you cannot work from home during this fast you will need to make plans to have someone let your pet out for multiple potty breaks during the day if you do not have a pet door to allow them out when you are not at home
  • The milk takes longer than you would think to thaw out. Try to thaw out a few containers at a time so you have a few days worth ready ahead of schedule. It is good for 14 days once it is thawed.
  • Be ready for some detox to happen during the fast and do not let it scare it you.
  • Be ready for the cutest views of your pet with a milk chin. No matter what dog has it – it is always adorable!

I do plan to do a follow-up post in a month to let you know how the maintenance is going. Thank you to everyone who has follow Levi’s journey.

Answers Presentation:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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