Life after the Answer’s Goat Milk Fast

Levi Head

12/28/2014  Blog Post #11

Fast dates:

  • September 14th through September 25th: 100% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (12 days)
  • September 26th through October 9th: 50% Raw and 50% Answers Raw Goats Milk daily (14 days)
  • October 10th through November 8th: 100% Answers Goats Milk daily for 30 days as it is supposed to be done.

                  Total of 56 days.

  • November 9th through the present– raw food diet with Answers Goat milk supplemental dose daily

Levi and I hope that everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends. We wanted to take the time to give a short update on how he is doing after his milk fast. He now is back on his raw food diet eating a half pound of raw in the morning and a half pound in the evening. He also gets about 8 – 10 ounces of goat milk each morning added to his raw breakfast. We have switched to purchasing the half gallon containers of the milk since they are more economical versus the pint size containers. We were paying $5.99 for each pint size container and we can purchase the half gallon containers for $13.99 each. They come in cases of 10 containers. We order by the case so our local pet store is not stuck trying to sell the other containers. Each case is $139.90. I do not measure the milk, just pour freely. Each half gallon has 64 ounces and that lasts about 6 or 7 days depending on how freely I pour. It was expensive to take Levi through the fast but now that he is on a maintenance dose it is less costly than any prescription medicine I have used in the past to attempt to suppress allergic reactions.

Levi to date is remaining symptom free. His shedding is still at a normal level, his paws are not yeasty and yucky looking and he has remained free of ear infections. It was an investment to do this fast, both financial and time wise, but it has proved worthwhile. We both prefer the milk to allergy shots, Atopica and all the other meds he has taken in the past.

I still make sure to give him a bath every 10 to 12 days at minimum to help wash off any allergens he may pick up in his environment. Now we have switched from a prescription shampoo from the vet- which has been for years a requirement to keep allergy symptoms at a minimum- to Earthbath Green Tea shampoo. It is nice to know I do not have to load his system with chemicals from a medicated shampoo anymore. The Earthbath is all natural and has become one of my favorite products.

Levi and I are ready to start the new year with a new attitude and allergy free. If your pet is suffering from allergies I urge you to give this a try. Levi and I are both glad we did. Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!

Levi Esther & I


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