Raw Milk Diet Guidelines: Answers Pet Food

Recommended Feeding

Fast pet for 24 hours. Offer water only. This changes how the body makes energy and an important step in improving health.

Feed only Answers raw goat milk formula and water. Nothing else by mouth, no treats or edible chews.

Discontinue all supplements.

If possible discontinue all medications.

Try to feed recommended amount in multiple small feedings throughout the day.

Limit pet’s activity during milk diet. Healing takes energy.

What to expect:

Pet will need to urinate frequently.

Stools will turn to yellowish pudding consistency.

o Some pets will only have the pudding consistency for about 14 days then produce small hard stool that they pass every 2 to 3 days.

o Some pets will have yellow pudding stool throughout the entire time on diet.

Passing mucus (bio-film) in the stool is common the first 7 to 10 days.

Borborygmi: Stomach noises and rumbling along with gas is common the first 14 days.

If pet acts hungry increase the amount of milk.

If the pet burbs milk bubbles or regurgitates milk reduce the amount of milk.

Detox symptoms (i.e. runny eyes, ear discharge, skin irruptions) are common in the first 14 days.

Diet should last a minimum of 30 days. Some conditions may require a longer time on the diet.

Questions call 800-431-8480 or email jhill@answerspetfood.com



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